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We are based in South Florida, USA. The majority of our testing is performed remotely for customers all over the world, There are times when remote testing is not a possibility, and we can come to your location. In the last two years, we have gone on site for customers in Europe and Australia.

UPDATE: (03/17/2020)

Due to recent events, onsite visits are not possible until the current health crisis is resolved. Remote testing is still being performed regularly.

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Our office is located in South Florida, but our engineers work remotely.

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In general, no. We runs tests every day of the week and at all hours. You will need to schedule with us in advance however, and there may be times that will not work due to conflicts.

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We base our pricing on the number of concurrent virtual users, the duration of the test(s) and the number of scripts that need to be recorded.

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In general, we use the best software for your particular use case. That being said, there are a few software packages that we use regularly.

Octoperf and LoadUI are two such examples.

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This depends on the technologies involved and what the particular issues are. We can remediate some issues and have partners that can remediate others.

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We can test with over 100,000 concurrent virtual users.

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Yes. We can generate load from:

AWS regions:

  • Africa (Cape Town),
  • Asia Pacific (Hong Kong),
  • Asia Pacific (Singapore),
  • Australia (Sydney),
  • Canada (Montreal),
  • EU Central (Frankfurt),
  • EU North (Stockholm),
  • EU West (Ireland),
  • EU West (London),
  • EU West (Paris),
  • Europe (Milan),
  • India (Mumbai).
  • Japan (Tokyo),
  • Middle east (Bahrain),
  • South America (Sao Paulo),
  • South Korea (Seoul),
  • US East (Ohio),
  • US East (Virginia),
  • US West (North California),
  • US West (Oregon).

Digital Ocean regions:

  • Canada (Toronto),
  • US (New York),
  • US (San Francisco),
  • EU (Amsterdam),
  • EU (Frankfurt),
  • EU (London),
  • Asia Pacific (Singapore),
  • India (Bangalore).

Azure regions:

  • Asia East (Hong Kong),
  • Asia Southeast (Singapore),
  • Australia Central (Capital Hill),
  • Australia East (Sydney),
  • Australia Southeast (Melbourne),
  • Brazil South (Sao Paulo),
  • Canada Central (Toronto),
  • Canada East (Quebec City),
  • EU North (Ireland),
  • EU West (Amsterdam),
  • France Central (Paris),
  • Germany Northeast (Bremen),
  • India Central (Pune),
  • India South (Chennai),
  • India West (Mumbai),
  • Japan East (Tokyo),
  • Japan West (Osaka),
  • Korea Central (Seoul),
  • Korea South (Busan),
  • Norway East (Oslo),
  • South Africa North (Pretoria),
  • Switzerland North (Zürich),
  • UAE North (Dubai),
  • UK South (London),
  • UK West (Cardiff),
  • US Central (Ohio),
  • US East (Virginia),
  • US East 2 (Virginia),
  • US North Central (Chicago),
  • US South Central (San Antonio),
  • US West (San Francisco),
  • US West 2 (Washington),
  • US West Central (Utah).
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The best guidance is taken from your analytics. If you know your peak hourly visits, the following calculation will determine the number of virtual users needed for your test(s):

V = P / (60/D)

V = The number of Virtual Users needed
P = The number of Visitors in your peak hour
D = The average duration in minutes of each visit

Additionally, you may want to increase V by a percentage that represents growth. Example: if your are using analytics that are from last year’s peak hour during the holidays, and you feel that there will be a 20 percent increase this year, increase V by 20 percent.

V = (P / (60/D) ) + .2 (P / (60/D) )

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Yes. We deliver a comprehensive report within hours of test completion. Additionally, there may be times when an export of test data is done to give you the most comprehensive view of the test results.

Category: Testing

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