Professional Services

General performance-based services

Creating test plans

We will arrange a test plan that covers all of your needed testing.

Mentoring testers

We can teach you how to perform testing rather than have it done for you.

Helping with report interpretation

Sometimes, receiving a report is only half of the battle. Looking over the report with an experienced eye, we can help you to make the best use of the information provided.

Performing testing on-site

Sometimes, it is just not possible to test your application from the outside. We can certainly come to your location and perform testing from within your firewall.

The services listed below apply to
Alertsite monitoring services

Recording your monitoring scripts

In collaboration with your team, we will determine the most important user journeys to monitor for your site/web applicaton. We will record and validate the script(s) and set up assertions.

Setting Up Your monitoring

We will do all of the setup for your Console. We will import your scripts and configure your monitors.

Creating reports

We will create and schedule reports so that you always know the exact status of your web application(s) over time.

Troubleshooting monitors

If a monitor starts throwing errors, we will determine if the errors are caused by actual issues on your site, changes that you have made to your site or issues at one of the monitoring locations. After determining the cause of the error(s), we will either correct the issue on our end or give you the information that will help you to fix your application(s).

Configuring alerts

We will set up alerts that let you know immediately when errors are occuring. Alerts will be delivered according to your preferences.

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