Aren’t some WordPress sites incompatible with going static?

There are certain dynamic features that are not yet supported. Many of these are being worked on, and there are workarounds for others.

Examples follow:

  • WooCommerce (but you can use eCwid or SnipCart)
  • Multisite but multiple sites per account *is* supported
  • Forums (ex. BuddyPress). Alternatively, you can use hosted forums solutions like DIscourse, Vanilla, or Invision Community
  • Customer Login Areas / Membership sites
  • Some dynamic forms (although, support is being added for some and there are workarounds for others)
  • WordPress Comments: Currently, native WordPress comments are not supported. However, Disqus, FB comments and other third-party comments are supported.
  • Ajax Get requests (commonly used for on-page load more functionality) is not supported but there are several Scroll plugins that are supported such as WP EasyScroll Posts
  • Advanced Search. Currently, your WordPress site search is automatically replaced

We do a complete site survey to detect any incompatibilities in advance of a migration. Strategies are discussed, and a plan is formed.

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