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What is FTL Metrics?
We are a full-service performance testing company with years of experience servicing leading brands & company’s around the globe.
What makes FTL Metrics the best?
We have years of experience with enterprise level customers around the globe. Our performance testing covers endurance testing, scalable testing, volume testing, stress testing, spike testing, and load testing.
Far and Wide Expertise
Our Solutions Architects have a deep knowledge of the challenges, priorities and regulatory requirements of a range of different industries, enabling us to tailor our value proposition no matter the context.

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Endurance Testing

Running a system at high load for a prolonged period of time to identify the performance problems is called Endurance Testing is aka Soak Testing. This is performed to make sure the software can handle the expected load over a long period of time.

Scalability Testing

An application's performance is measured in terms of its ability to scale up or scale down the number of user requests or other such performance measure attributes. Very important in planning for peak performance during seasonal traffic spikes.

Volume Testing

Volume Testing is to verify that the system or application can handle a large amount of data. This testing focuses on Database configuration. With the help of Volume testing, the impact on response time and system behavior can be studied when exposed to high data volume.

Stress Testing

Stress Testing is to verify the behavior of the system once the load increases more than the system’s design expectations. This testing addresses which components fail first when we stress the system by applying the load beyond the design expectations.

Spike Testing

Spike Testing is to determine the behavior of the system under a sudden increase of load (a large number of users) on the system. This testing identifies crucial parts of the system that need fail over protection.

Load Testing

Load Testing is to verify that the system/application can handle the expected number of transactions and to verify the system/application behavior under both normal and peak load conditions.

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