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  • The Trend Toward Static Websites Introduction In this BLOG post, we are going to explore a growing trend that is changing the way that Small to Medium Businesses (SMB’s) are publishing their company websites. I am referring to the trend of publishing a static site as opposed to one that is dynamic. Many people would argue that publishing a static
  • Test Often As the owner or administrator of a website, you must monitor the performance of your website. It has been said many times, but it is worth saying again: a slow website can lead to fewer users, higher bounce rates, and potentially lower sales. This is a dark future and one that you should do everything to avoid. Luckily,
  • Image Optimization One of the most obvious things that you can do to improve the performance of your website is to optimize the images that it uses. After all, the larger an image, the longer it will take to transfer to your browser. However, to really optimize the images on your site, you need to look at two things:  
  • The ability to parameterize a load test has a direct impact on the validity of your test results. The fact that many people do not perform parameterization and that many others are not completely sure of what it means in the context of a test is the reason for my blog post today. Parameterization refers to the ability of the

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